Google Voice Search

Perhaps not everyone knows that there is a voice recognition search service provided by Google, thanks to which it is possible to give voice commands to find information or to compose an SMS without manually entering the characters. Born already in 2008. With the advent of new generations of smartphones and their use for navigation, it has become an instrument increasingly used by users for their online research. To activate and test it, just go to the google home page from your mobile by clicking on its icon and then click on the microphone symbol.

What is it for? To look for what you want on google without using your hands to type. However, the instrument is still little used in exponential growth, now representing about 30% of online mobile searches.

Voice search results may change depending on the voice technology used. Starting to think now in terms of seo for voice search is fundamental in order not to fall behind because the game for the top positions in vocal searches will be played not only on key words but also on the initial programming, on the use of FAQs in a snipet perspective and above all, basic, on the knowledge of the target and the methods of vocal search of the target (a boy will use different terms and words from an adult led to do truncated searches). Are you interested in learning more? Contact Us


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